Welcome to H.E.A.R.Ts Astride

H.E.A.R.T.s Astride is a non-profit organization that offers riding activities to children and young adults with special needs.

“Open Your Heart to Help Others”

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Iberia school visit

With all the rain we’ve had our arena was too wet for a planned visit we had scheduled. 

Plan B: We loaded up 3 horses and a goat and went to the Crocker Park today.  The kids loved feeding the goat her bottle and grooming and petting the horses.

We let the kids ride a little on Reba.  It was a short visit but the kids all seemed to really have a great time.

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Fence Project

Here are 3 panoramic photos of our arena and fence project.

Before the fence





After the first half of  phase 1

Resulting image




After the completion of phase 1 and most of phase 2.




The second long side still needs fencing and we still need our new wheel chair accessible mounting ramp and a gate for the placement of this ramp.

Thank you to all our donors.  We want to extend a special thank you to the Fort Leonard Wood Thrift Shop and the Fort Wood Community Spouses Club.

We would also like to thank our volunteer building crews, 2 separate Engineer ANCOC classes.

Jennifer Erst

Program Director

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Fence building project part 2

In June an ANCOC (Advanced Non Commissioned Officers Course) class helped us begin phase one of our fence project.  There was a bit of a delay in our finding volunteers to finish this phase but the instructor from the first class that helped us contacted us and then brought his next ANCOC class out to finish phase one and begin phase 2.  There were 26 men all together and they were able to finish the long side of the arena, both short sides and install one of the two gates they built today.  They also put in a “walk” gate so we dont have to open the double gates every time we need to get to the barn /arena.

We also had several of our faithful volunteers and several of our youngsters out pulling grass from the arena. 

At noon the Board of Directors and some of our Moms provided lunch for our hungry crew.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped us today.

Resulting image



Taken bright and early this morning before work began. Shows the section put up in June. This long side was finished and both short sides went up today.71778082


One of the two new vehicle gates and the crew that built it.  Great job guys!





Jennifer Erst

President of the Board

H.E.A.R.T.s Astride

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Upcoming Volunteer opportunities

From our Volunteer Coordinator

Hello Volunteers!

We have 2 opportunities coming up in September:

  1. We will be having a 4-week class after school for the YMCA After-School Program on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30. Classes will be September 8, 15, 22, 29.  If you are available to be horse handler or side walker for one or more of these dates, please let me know!
  2. Saturday, September 12 will be a clean-up day and wiener roast at the stables. Family and friends are welcome! We will be pulling grass in the arena, picking up rocks, etc. Please come by anytime from 9:00 am on. Hot dogs will be served beginning at noon. This counts toward community service for those in high school.

Please call me if you have any questions!

Beth Murray

Volunteer Coordinator

From Our President

Phase 1 of our new security fence was started June 14 and the volunteer work was provided by an ANOC class from Fort Leonard Wood.







Thank you to all those that volunteered!!

We have been in need of help to finish phase 1 and it is coming to us on Septemeber 12, during our clean up day, from a second ANCOC group from Fort Leonard Wood.  If there are any other groups looking to fulfill volunteer community service hours we have two more phases to this project that still need to be built and always welcome helpers to harvest our many rocks and pick up fallen limbs.

If you can come out to help please plan to join us!!

Jennifer Erst

President of the Board

H.E.A.R.T.s Astride

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Phase one of our Fence project

Phase one of our fence project is well under way.

Thanks to the generous donations of the FWCSC and the Fort Wood thrift shop we were able to purchase the materials for phase one.  Our volunteer builders are from the current ANOC course on Ft. Wood.  Sunday June 14, they dug the holes and set the posts and put up a good portion of this first phase.  Thank you again to all those who have made donations and to all our volunteer work force for a job well done!


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February 2009

We have made a schedule for the Spring session.

A volunteer refresher training will be held March 10, 2009.  Two sessions will be held. One at 10 am and the second at 5:30 pm. We encourage all registered volunteers to attend and review the emergency procedures.

Classes will be Tuesday evenings beginning at 5:30pm. Our first 6 week session will be held March 24, 2009 – April 28.

The rest of the calendar is tenatively set to be  Summer Session 1 from May 12 – June 23,  Summer Session 2 will be August 4 – September 8.  The Fall session will be September 22- October 27.

We can always use more volunteers. If you or a friend are interested in volunteering please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Murray by clicking the link on the volunteer page.

As always,

Thank you for your support!

Jennifer Erst

Program Director

H.E.A.R.T.s Astride

“Open your hearts to help others”

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Just thought id share a few snow shots of our horses.


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The January newsletter is now up….check it out in the “online newsletter” section!!

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In Memory of Hogan


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October update

We had a busy summer recruiting and training volunteers.  Our Volunteer coordinator, Beth Murray has done a great job organizing and keeping track of all of our volunteers.  Beth also created our Volunteer handbook which can be viewed online www.heartsastride.org.  If you are interested in Volunteering please check our website for contact info and come on out to see us!!

We have 2 students in our Fall 2008 Session.  This class began as a 4 week session with 3 students.  Some of our students expressed the interest to continue riding so we decided to continue as long as the weather will allow.  We are working on a balanced seat and have begun to use reins.  To help practice turns we use change through the arena, ride through the arena as well as weaving through barrels. 

Thank you to our volunteers who act as horse handlers and sidewalkers. Without your help this class would not be possible. 



















As long as the weather holds up and we have at least 2 riders we will continue class. We have room for 2 additoinal riders, for a total of 4.

Our Directors are also currently visiting area schools and giving a brief presentation to better explain what we offer at H.E.A.R.T.s Astride.  We hope to have 2 school field trips before the end of November and book a few for spring.  These field trips offer the special education classes the chance to come visit us and ride a horse.


Jennifer Erst

Program Director

H.E.A.R.T.s Astride

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